Hello From Us!

Mission Statement

It is our belief that animal companions enrich the lives of their owners.

With this relationship, we believe it is the owner’s responsibility to provide the highest quality care they can achieve. It is our aim and mission to stand above the rest. By investing in our employees, having them continue education, receive and maintain certifications, they will be industry experts.

As they learn more of our animal counterparts we can provide the highest quality care each animal requires with the utmost compassion and love each animal deserves.

Meet our Staff

  • Cynthia Alvarado - Hoffman

    President, Manager

    Cynthia grew up in North Bay Shore and graduated from Brentwood High School. She has been working professionally with pets for over ten years. College summers were spent working in the family pet supply store that was in the USVI. In her senior year at NYU, she was offered a job at the family store as a groomer. After graduation she went to Cashmere Academy of Pet Grooming in Melbourne Florida. Confident in her new skills, Cynthia, groomed for three years in the USVI, at the store, at a veterinarian, and in pet owners’ homes! When she came back to New York, she dog walked in the Upper East Side of Manhattan and in Brooklyn for almost three years. Deciding she wanted a full life on Long Island, she found work at a Sanctuary in Central Islip for a few months before finding The Pawfect Pet Den in Greenlawn. She currently works there a few days a week while the Beauties and Beasts, inc family grows!

  • Austin Hoffman

    Assistant Manager

    Austin grew up in Huntington and graduated from Walt Whitman High School. He has a passion for games and pets! After graduating from Farmingdale University he has had a variety of jobs. For the past four years he has boarded dogs with the help of Cynthia. She teases that Austin loves dogs more than she does!

What to Expect

We're a full service salon, driven to your home. We have a grooming trailer, outfitted with all the equipment needed to groom small dogs and cats! From a tub, to dryers, we can take care of all your pet grooming needs: nail clipping, baths, haircuts, brush outs, the works. We are completely self-sufficient with our own water and power!

And beyond the convenience of the salon outside your front door, your pet(s) will have our undivided attention for the duration of the groom. This provides the safest and fastest service available!

  • Beauties and Beasts, inc vehicle and trailer will park in your driveway or in front of your home and pick your pet up from your front door. We may arrive early or stay for some time after, setting up and/or cleaning the trailer.
    • We will assess coat condition, as well as any overt medical or behavioral concerns
    • We will trim nails, unless otherwise discussed or if it proves too stressful for the pet or too dangerous for the groomer
    • We will clean the ears, unless otherwise discussed or if it proves too stressful for the pet or too dangerous for the groomer>
    • Your pet will be bathed in top quality shampoo and conditioner as is appropriate for their coat type and condition.
    • Your pet will be dried with hearing protection in place.
    • Your pet will be brushed out and trimmed to the agreed upon styling
  • We strive to provide each of our clients with the utmost care, service, and respect that you deserve. We take pride in our work and we want it to show.
  • Policies are enforced to ensure outstanding, efficient, and quality services for you and your pet.
  • Our goal is to get your pet on a grooming schedule that suits both their coat type and your budget. While the schedule and routing come together please allow for time or day changes, we will do the best we can to accommodate everyone’s scheduling needs.
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At Beauties and Beasts Inc, we treat your pets like the valued family members they are.